Desert Landscape in Balboa Park

Who could have thought that the beauty of a desert can be found right at the heart of a bustling city? Cactus, where it grows in arid lands blooms a stone’s throw away from museums. Prickly thorns surround the lime green cactus defending it against insects who are out to drain its nectar and from thirsty animals lurking in the periphery ready to suck the stored liquid.
Flowers with blood orange skin, like upside down bells swaying in the wind catch your eye. Glistening in the soft afternoon sun.
As you walk further away, you will see a tree covered with layers of butter colored dried leaves. At a glance, you’d think they are fish scales.
Further down, a wall of tall cactus clumped together will stop you. As you look closer, you’ll notice lovers initials etched on the flat leaf in plain sight. Who are they? Where are they now? Are they still in love? Did life’s circumstance separate them?
From tall dry ash brown colored branches to a cactus with outstretched leaves and a new cluster of newly sprung desert creation, you cannot help but wonder about the miracle—that’s called nature.







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